Bianca Baggio | The “Retraço Novo” Project
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The “Retraço Novo” Project cames to collect, add and exchange knowledge. It is a project that offers cutting and sewing workshops for women in socially vulnerable state in the city of Londrina. Following sustainable ways of thinking, clothes and acessories are made using as raw material industrial textiles waste and donated clothes. The project proposes a new and ethical way of production, aiming to improve the future of the following generations.

Development of theoretical and practical training workshops from textile waste

Intercommunication of scientific knowledge to popular knowledge ;

Disclosure and strengthening the work of the institutions and project participants

Stimulation of the generation of income through sales in the brand events

Improvement of the self-esteem of the participants who create a group identity where each member feels part of a functional whole

Exercising the resolution of design practical problems by using researches and experiments in sustainable design

The “Retraco Novo” Project was born from the desire of the brand Bianca Baggio: Sustainable Fashion to enlarge and expand sustainability at its core, making it possible to build a just society and a new way of production with more awareness.

The main objective of the project is to improve the lives of women who participate. The first noticeable positive impact is the increase in self-esteem, because after participation in the project women acquire a productive activity. The project provides an opportunity of work and income generation through the transformation of the textile industrial waste into real design products with high added value.

The project positively contributes to a cleaner environment and development of the populations at risk in the region. Once empowered, women have the opportunity to integrate the production team of the brand Bianca Baggio.

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